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The SAT is a college admission test that is recognized globally. It measures your knowledge of reading, writing and math. The top universities in the United States require a high SAT score to be admitted.
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What is SAT?

  • The SAT is a paper based entrance test for undergraduate study in the USA.
  • The SAT test is a multiple choice admission test with few numeric entry questions.
  • The SAT is based on real world questions or problems which students would face in college.

Who conducts the SAT?

  • The test is designed, developed and administered by college board headquartered in usa.
  • College board conducts the test as a Non-profit Organization.
  • The official website is www.collegeboard.org
  • The test registration can be done online by creating a login id.

On what topics or concepts will student be test in SAT?

  • Verbal ability tests the student to understand complex passages, grammar and reading passages.
  • Quantitative ability tests the student’s problem solving ability using multiple data sources with real life applications.
  • The optional section focuses on the ability of the students to understand the argument and write an essay in support of the essay.
  • In a total of 1600, verbal section is of 100 minutes for 200-800 score and quantitative section is of 80 minutes for 200-800 score.
  • Optional essay is of 50 minutes scored from 2 to 8 points.

When and where is the SAT conducted?

  • The SAT is administered six times in a year during October, November, December, January, May, June
  • SAT is conducted in almost all major cities in India.
  • Student can also choose his choice of Centre while he is booking the slot for his test.
  • Student is required to book his or her slot at least 15 days in advance and in peak season at least 60 days prior to the test.
  • SAT can be taken in all 6 times in a calendar year.

What is the Test pattern of SAT?

  • SAT is a paper pencil based test and tests students in three sections- Math, Verbal ability and Essay
  • Essay is optional but it is highly recommended to attempt since many schools require the essay score.
SAT component No of question Time in mins Score
Reading 52 65 Out of 200-800
Writing & Language 44 35 Out of 200-800
Essay 1 50 2-8
Math 58 80 Out of 200-800
Total 154 and 155 with Essay 180 and 230 with Essay 400-1600
  • The total SAT score will be in range of 400-1600.
  • Test scores to the test taker are reported within 2 to 3 weeks after the exam.

What is the test fee for SAT?

  • Test fee with essay: us $106
  • Test fee without essay: us $52